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KSYM needs DJ's

Howdy Folks :)
Just thought I'd introduce myself real quick before I continue on about the subject title.
My name is Jesse Hernandez and am currently a full time student at SAC. This is only my second semester at SAC, my major is Radio/TV Production (BTW, the new RTF building is real nice) anywho, on with the post:
KSYM is currently shopping for alternative dj's. Submit air-check tapes or cd's to Bob or Adam in the KSYM office. You must have taken and passed Audio Production I & II. It helps if you've had a triple A shift in the past over the breaks but is not necessary. In exchange you will be asked to volunteer to KSYM for at least 10 hours a week. Volunteer status includes music screening, station promotion, audio spot talent, and production. If you don't have an aircheck tape try to think of a creative way to sell yourself. We're looking for someone with on air personality potential. Good Luck!

Obviously I had some free time on my hands to forward this :)
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